In the summer of 1989 I shaped my first board with a belt sander in my friends garage. No instructions, no mentor, no YouTube video. Needles to say I became obsessed. Every bit of extra cash I had went into buying blanks and tools for another project. Eventually I got a shaping room in a glassing factory and thats where I really started learning the process and meeting the people who would shape my career.

Being in a factory exposed me to opportunities to learn and shape for other shapers when they needed help. All this led to actual jobs doing real production. For about a decade starting in '97 I worked shaping high performance boards for a prominent local shaper. Also during this time I did longboards and fun shapes for ZJboardinghouse in Santa Monica. Along the way I took on extra work from many different shapers. All this variety of work helped me become well versed in all kinds of shapes. 

At Hoffman Surfboards we use all this experience to build the highest quality custom boards in the area.  To date I have shaped approximately 30,000 boards and I'm ready to add yours to the list. No matter what your skill level we are here to get you on the best board for you.