Secret Sauce

A good, all-round high performance shortboard.


Designed with competition and everyday performance in mind. 


The Reject came about because of a mix up that fused the outline rocker and foil of The Formula with the bottom contour of The V.2.1, adding a whole new dimension to The Formula design.


The Formula was designed with the schizophrenic waves of Huntington in mind.


The 4Runner is a four channel bottom design adapted to the Formula model.

the derringer

The Derringer is a board designed for those days when your daily driver just isn't enough for the larger conditions.


The Pro Bullit is a variation of our Bullit model with some performance modifications.

the bullit

Extra volume and planing area make it versatile and forgiving without sacrificing performance.


True to the name, the Howitzer is our big gun design beyond the 7 foot range.

the creeper

The Creeper was designed for speed and maneuverability in small gutless surf.

the nub

The Nub is another variation of our popular Bullit design squished into a shorter, wider, thicker


Our attempt at re-creating the feel of the magic 80's double bump boards with a modern foil, rocker, and single to double to vee bottom.