Designed to be a fun board in all kinds of conditions. This egg shape is built to perform or just cruise.

STUBB fish

No frills here, just tons of fun.

retro fish

A modernized retro fish design that is not a remake; it's designed to perform up to modern expectations in a wide variety of waves and conditions.


The Barracuda is a high volume performance fish design with low rocker and a modern foil.

the ufo

The UFO is another adaptation of our Bullit design, keeping most of its characteristics but with a deep "Bonzer" bottom design.


The P-Quad is the performance member of our fish family.


If the Huevo was silly putty and you could stretch it, the Evo is what you get.

the bean

A variation of the "Hull" design. Includes a wider outline, low rocker, and s-deck foil for paddling and performance.

the loaf

The Loaf is a performance adaptation of our Retro Fish design.


The Gemini is a modern high performance twin fin design made for a variety of conditions.