A modern noserider: Made for hold while in trim, have maximum lift while on the nose, and still be able to turn on the shoulder.


The Lobo was designed as a neo-retro noserider with added turning potential. This design is best for most types of waves head high and under.

the phoenix

The Phoenix is a noserider with a little extra. While it can noseride like a dream, it can still turn on a dime.


This is a modern take on a classic, an early 60’s Hobie, and rides like a cadillac.

hippie stick

A variation of the Levatator design that offers a smooth noserider feel but a faster turner.


A mid-range board with a little something for everybody. 

the swinger

Our take on the Phil Edwards outline, but with a different bottom and rail setup for turning, trimming and connecting unmakeable sections.


Designed with versatility in mind and works great in all conditions.


Condor fits into the gun-log catagory for surfers who want a board that can handle large surf but has the paddling and feel of a longboard.